Thursday, September 1, 2011

Best Beauty Products to travel with!

I love traveling! Plane that is! and I travel by plane a lot. But sometimes there are consequences you have to face when packing your makeup/toiletry bag. 

First of all, if you have any LIQUIDS OVER 3.0 OUNCES, you need to transfer them to the right size bottle. Anything over 3.0 ounces will be confiscated from your carry-on bag. -_- If you want to learn more about this click HERE. This is important if you are packing face wash/moisturizer or toner. (unless they are already travel sized.) If they don't have the shampoo/body wash you like in travel size, then use these little 3.0 bottles. I got mine from Wal-Mart.

They are really cheap, like $1.00 each, and they come in different containers, like spray bottles, screw-lid cream jars, & squeeze bottles, so it's pretty convenient for whatever you are packing! 

Caboodles Case

Caboodles is one of the most popular brands for makeup cases. They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Whether you are packing for a trip, or just wanting something to store & organize your makeup in, this is a good brand to go by!

There's even a removable divider for easy organizing! :D

Mine I believe, is an "IT Bag", which is the smaller sizes of cases. I can't remember the specific name for this one, but I love it! The pattern is just adorable! It's small enough for travel and comes with attached rings to hold your brushes along with a plastic cover to protect them. (since this is a smaller case, it's better to use travel-sized brushes, because some regular brushes are too long) It comes with pockets everywhere on the sides to store whatever you'd like.

It zips up, so no worrying about anything spilling out of your case!

 As for the face, like I've mentioned before you definitely need to bring face wash & moisturizer. You need to always have a clean face wherever you go along with a good moisturizer to protect your skin and keep it hydrated. *Moisturizers with SPF are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as it protects the face from harmful UV rays* It does not matter if you are traveling in the winter; your face can still be susceptible to harmful UV rays at any time of the year!

I decided to bring my Gigi's Daily Facial Cleanser, It's made from real dark honey & Acai berry. It removes makeup & impurities from the skin. It also smells very good, like a sweet smell, not quite like honey like it says. I love it because it's simple & doesn't have too much in it; it's a little more on the natural side. Products with too many harsh chemicals are not good for the skin. I had to transfer the face wash to a smaller bottle because it is way over 3 ounces.

I also use Gigi's Balancing Face Moisturizer. It contains Baobab fruit & Soy to protect & soften the skin as well as the dark honey is included too! It's also supposed to balance the skin's complexion out, while it  firms the skin as well, keeping it healthier looking. I didn't need to transfer this, because the bottle is only 2 ounces! Yay!

If you are interested in the Gigi brand here's the link: Click!

Garnier Nutritioniste Nutri-Pure Detoxifying Wet Cleansing Towelettes 

Perfect for travel! You don't necessarily have to buy this particular brand, but I will explain why I love it!
  • It obviously removes makeup.
  • It contains ingredients that help purify the skin & detoxify it, keeping it completely clean from everything.
  • It's very gentle on the skin with a pleasant scent to it. It hasn't irritated my skin like other makeup remover wipes.
  • It contains Vitamin B5, Vitamin E & Green Leaf Extract. This is very nourishing for the skin & helps restore complexion.
I love the fact that it completely cleans your face from everything including toxins. It comes in a resealable pouch so no need to worry about spills or drying out. And the best thing I love about this is: IT DOESN'T REQUIRE RINSING :D!!!! How more convenient can you get? You can use these practically ANYWHERE! You don't need sink or any water whatsoever. I think these are the best things to travel with instead of messy makeup remover bottles & cotton balls. Its like a sink and face wash in one! :D

  Oil-blotting sheets
A lot of you know what these are, so I won't hype on about it. They are little sheets that basically remove all the oils from your face & makes your face look less shiny. They are small enough to put in your purse, so they are great for traveling. A must for oily-prone skin! You can find them at any drug-store or supermarket in the face-cleansing aisle.

Revlon Illuminance Crème Shadow 

Very great for people who don't want to pack a whole lot of makeup, but would like some colors to pack in one. You don't even necessarily need brushes either, so that is a plus for light-packing. (You do however need to use CLEAN fingers if you do not pack brushes. I don't want to be the one to blame if you get an eye infection, haha.) 

I chose the color shades called "Skinlights" It's perfect for those who don't want a whole lot of color, but something that can add more definition to the eyes. The color, Skinlights also works great because they are neutral colors and and can go with any skin tone & any outfit for any occasion. 

It also comes with a nifty mirror. Not one of those cheap looking mirrors either. The view is pretty crisp, so you can see every detail when  you apply your eyeshadow.

It's pretty pigmented and doesn't really crease, so I don't believe you need a primer to apply before hand. However, you could use these cream shadows as a base for any powdered ones you layer over.

The shadows also come in different colors, so if you're more daring or just experimenting with colors, you can get different shades. If you want to check out the other ones, here is a link: Click Me! :)

Brush Guards

I was pretty skeptical about them at first, but I decided to give them a try. I'm a big Coastal Scents fan, so that's how I found out about these little guys.

These are good for protecting brushes, so the bristles won't bend or break. They come in different sizes and have different packs for specific kind of brushes. 

They are good for drying brushes after cleaning too.

Just slide the guard on (ALWAYS put on from bottom of handle first NEVER go against the bristles. This will prevent your brushes bristles from getting bent backwards & getting ruined!)

Tahdah!! Ready to store, travel, or dry! :D

If you are more interested in these brush guards click here.

I have beauty a tip for you! (Though some of you might already know this! :P)

Lipstick can be used as a multi-purpose beauty tool!

Skip the brushes & blush! Lipstick is an essential tool for light packers, because it can be used as a lip color (duh) AND a blush! Lots of people, including makeup artists, use this method when blush is not handy. All you do is apply a small amount on your cheeks and blend in, until harsh lines and blotches are gone. A lot of people prefer pink & coral-colored blushes, so be careful with red lipsticks!

If you have no idea what kind of makeup to pack, I will provide a small list for ideas.

  • Lipgloss - If lipsticks are not your thing, lipgloss can really brighten up your face & make your lips look fuller. It's a common beauty item found in most purses!
  • Mascara - Some people don't like eyeliner, but wear mascara. This is a must, because it will make your eyes look more awake & bigger without messy eyeliners.
  • Neutral shimmering eyeshadow - Another a mult-purpose tool for light packers, you can apply this to the brow bone & inner corners of the eye for more definition as well as applying it right above the cheek bone for a highlighter. (This will make the face "glow" and appear more radiant.)
  • Eyeshadow Palettes - This is for people who don't prefer cream eyeshadows. They come in wide varieties of colors, and this will keep you from packing tons of single eyeshadows.
  • Concealer - If you don't want to pack foundation, but want to cover up certain spots on the face, whether it's from pimples to under-eye circles, this a is very handy product. It's not as big as foundation bottles & you can carry it in your purse.
  • Travel Size Body Sprays - This is optional, but if you want to freshen up, (You never know who you might sit by LOL) this is a good item to have. Like the name says, make sure it does not exceed 3.0 fl oz.

    Another beauty tip: Be careful when deciding to bring liquid foundation that is not in your carry-on bag, because sometimes the pressure of  underneath the plane will cause the the bottles to possibly explode and cause a huge mess!

    Happy Traveling!!