Monday, November 21, 2011

Coastal Scents Mica Powder Haul Plus 5 gram Jars for Storage!

I love me some CS. They are affordable & I like the wide range of items they have. So I got myself a few brushes & mica powders. I decided to split the blog into 2 posts (one for micas, the other for brushes), so It's not ridiculously long & boring for you.

Mica Powders

Sorry for the butchered image. These were taken with my phone & they like to resize themselves before sending. My actual camera batteries are dead, sorry :(

Let's name off the colors from left to right at the top: Inter Gold Sparks, Cerulean, Cellini Yellow (I emptied that mica into a container so I included that with.), Illusion Luxury Gold, Metallic Olivia, Mayan Gold (sample), Very Coral (aka True Coral), Red Blue Chrome, & Black Oxide.

Now for the glitter from right to left bottom row: Purple Punch, Silver Hologram, & Crimson.

Now for swatches & brief reviews

Each with FLASH / NO FLASH
I have a light-medium skin tone.
All used with a primer.
I will make the description short & sweet & to the point.

Inter Gold Sparks

Love this shade, I actually bought it twice! It may appear white in the bag, but once you touch it it turns into a sparkly champagne gold. It's more dense than shimmer, but it's not glittery. GORGEOUS COLOR. It's a great multi-purpose mica, because you can use it in your lotions for shimmer as well as highlights for your face and eyes or just top over dark eyeshadows to add glam.

A beautiful shimmery pacific blue is great for the summertime or to wear as an eyeliner on the lashline for a pop of color. It has a royal blue base with light blue shimmer. If you like bright colors, this is definitely for you.

Very Coral (aka True Coral)

This is a coral color with pink highlights. It's not an orangey coral.
This is also a great multi-purpose mica, because you can use it in a lip gloss for extra color & even on your cheeks for a shimmery glow.

Cellini Yellow

This is a very shimmery canary yellow. It almost looks like a gold color. If you apply it lightly you will actually get a nice wash of gold color. Very pigmented & vibrant with a primer.

Illusion Luxury Gold

Boy oh boy, I fell in love. This is one of my favorites. It's not chunky like glitter but slightly thicker than  shimmer. No grimey gritty feeling...It's silky smooth. It reminds me of a pirate's treasure. A little bit goes a long way for this mica powder. You don't need much at all to get the full effect.
 Blue-Red Chrome
A duo chrome mica of blue & red. Metallic finish. The light blue is the base & shines a pink (red) tone. It's absolutely beautiful. I was iffy about it at first because my thought of red and blue just reminds me of patriotic colors, but it actually looks so unique & reminds me of outerspace, like a supernova.It's very iridescent & applies on very nicely with great pigmentation.

 Mayan Gold

Meh, not my favorite gold color. It's a sheer light gold with shimmer. (I like the bright golds) I got it as a sample, so I can't complain. The one thing I will do say is even with a primer, the adhesion of the glitter is very scarce. (maybe I just got a bad batch?)  It's actually nice for people who don't want that yellow bright gold tone, but want something along the lines of a subtle gold color.

Black Oxide

It's a matte black, I'm not sure why it looks shimmery, but it's really NOT.  (I think it's caused from the previous shimmery eyeshadows that I used with the same brush before.) This powder is usually made for mixing eyeshadows, but you can also just use it as an eyeshadow. Be careful though, it's very very VERY pigmented (like MAC'S Carbon) You barely need a tap of it and you're good to go. Somehow my sample looks bigger than all the other ones *score!!*

Metallic Olivia

Another new favorite. I have lots of gold shades, but this one is more of a gold-olive tone. It's also more metallic than shimmer, hence the name, Metallic Olivia. But man is this stuff PIGMENTED. One slight touch and my finger was completely covered in rich metallic gold-olive color. This stuff will last you a while for sure. It pairs great with black, brown, orange, & green eyeshadows.

Now for the Glitters
I only have 3 but I might as well separate them since they are different from mica powders.
Left side is applied with no eyeshadow, right side is swatched with the matching eyeshadow as a base underneath for the glitter. 
All were applied with a primer underneath. (even the ones without eyeshadow as a base)

Silver Hologram

I wanted to start with this one first because let me say I'M IN LOVE! I regret not getting a bigger size!! I only got a sample *cries* This is a beautiful silver glitter that reflects rainbow colors in the light at different angles. It's almost a dupe of MAC'S 3D Silver Glitter. This will go great for parties, prom, New Years, Halloween, birthdays, or even the night out. Hell, I'd wear it on a regular day :D


Vampy red. True to the name, Crimson. It's basically a slightly darker than fire engine red glitter. This is great for Christmas, Valentines Day, or birthdays & proms if you have a red dress. It also reminds me of Las Vegas. I would definitely wear this to Vegas. It kind of reminds me of show-girl makeup.

Purple Punch

I like this shade of purple in glitter form & also the name, very creative. It's a royal purple glitter. You can see how intense it is with the eyeshadow...gorgeous!! This can go with lots of occasions any time of the year & compliments all eye colors.


I also bought a pack of 25 jars (5 grams each) for about 5 bucks. That's a pretty good deal, despise the fact tI can't even fit a whole sample in one jar XD haha! I think I got a pretty good deal, considering I just need some containers instead of plastic baggies that tear.

Size comparison to a nickel. Shoulda' used a quarter I guess lol.


Hope you enjoyed the swatches & descriptions!