Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Benefit Velvet Eyeshadow: Rich Beach (More colors coming soon)

The name says it all, it is like pure velvet in eyeshadow form. I love this eyeshadow! It is perfect for anytime of year or occasion, It can be worn with or without a primer. Its is a beautiful light rich brown with shimmery dark brown undertones & light gold highlights that give it that beautiful "velvet" effect. It looks beautiful on all skin colors & in any light. This is a beautiful color for all skin types.(Click on the pictures to enlarge)

                                                      I LOVE the packaging on this, it's super easy to open, yet it stays securely closed without opening on its own. I love their signature bird design on their shadows. It gives it a more luxurious feel to it, though the shadows alone are luxurious...hehe.

                                                       Okay, so now we open it... As you can see, I've used this many times, it is very versatile for any look & is one of my favorite shadows. Don't let pictures fool you, though it might look like a nice light brown with slight shimmer, It will appear SLIGHTLY darker on the skin, so be careful if you have a heavy hand when working with shadows. It appears darker because the dark undertones show though onto the skin. The light gold shimmer helps highlight & enhance the color without making it look too dark and dramatic.
                                            My swatch, you can see the undertones and light gold highlights giving it that 3D effect. Depending how dark you want it all depends on primer and how much you pack on. I suggest if you want a light shadow, don't use primer, because this shadow is very pigmented and will last long even without the use of a primer. If you want the color suggested like my swatch, use a primer, and lightly pat the color on. These can be perfect for brown smokey eyes.

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