Tuesday, December 14, 2010

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Pigments: Yellow Gold, Jade, & True Purple Pearl

For a low price, these have excellent quality when used with a primer. The texture is very fine, making the application super easy. The colors are very intense depending on how much you apply and whether it's used with a primer or not. I only have 3 colors, but I do plan on buying more in the future & doing future reviews on these. I will post pictures and review each color underneath the picture.

                                          The jars look big in the picture but they are each a little over 1 & 1/2 inches tall. (I would have had a picture to compare size, but my camera died) :(

                                  What I don't like so much is the packaging. The inside of the lids have gaps for the glitter to seep in if turned upside down, so be careful with it unless you want a big mess when you open the jar. I also don't like the fact the the opening is so small, you would only be able to fit a tiny brush inside. (if you are even lucky without ruining the bristles.) I would suggest putting it in a better container with a wider lid for easier access for your brush.

                            Here are the swatches in order of the picture (not numerically in order)

                           YELLOW GOLD: LP17 - This is probably my favorite one so far. This is a beautiful gold color, and is very pigmented even without  a primer, but if you want the color to stay, a primer is highly suggested. It's not too yellow to where it overwhelms it, it just has a tiny hint of yellow to enhance and brighten the gold. It can be worn alone or with other shadows. Applied lightly, it can be a great highlight.

                           JADE: LP30 - The name stays true to it's color, it's a very bright, lighter shade of green. It's not a grass green, it has more of blue tones to it. Very hard to explain the color, but the picture can help. It is very pigmented when applied with a primer. You might have to pack this on to get a brighter effect, but the color stays and is amazing.

                           TRUE PURPLE PEARL: LP29 - Purple base with blue iridescent highlights, very pretty color, especially when it hits the lights. It is more of a 2- toned purple and colors will vary in different lighting. Very pigmented, and just like the green, you might have to pack this on a little more if you want to get more intensity. Goes great with applying over other shadows or also can be used as a beautiful sheer shimmery purple shadow alone when applied lightly.

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