Friday, January 13, 2012

How Often do You Wash Your Makeup Brushes?

Believe it or not, some people don't wash their brushes; either not enough or not at all... (Yeah I know.)

How often do I need to wash my brushes?
Well I decided to make a post (even though there are thousands of posts on this subject.) just to stress it even more. It's ideal that you wash them after every use, hands down.

Why do I need to wash my makeup brushes so often?

Well for one, it's sanitary and hygienic. When you use your makeup brushes on your face, you're picking up bacteria as well as dirt and oil on your face (no matter how "clean" you face is) from that brush.  Then the bacteria accumulates over the time period of not being washed. Then when you re-apply that brush to your face the next day, that increased bacteria gets right back on your face. Disgusting right? If you don't wash your brushes regularly, your skin can break out from the bacteria and cause itchiness & irritation and even pimples. Make sure that NEVER happens.

Brushes that you use near the tear ducts and waterline of the eye should be washed after every use as well. There is more bacteria on your waterline and near your actual eye & this will prevent eye infection/styes and even conjunctivitis, otherwise known as "pink eye."

What should I use to clean my brushes?

There are plenty of methods as to cleaning brushes. For instance, you can buy pre-made brush cleaner solutions, but they can get expensive. If you are on a budget, you can create your own makeup brush cleaner.

You can use EXTRA VIRGIN (NOT light or regular) olive oil and anti-bacterial soap, Michelle Phan has a pretty decent video on generally showing you how to clean with it.

I don't own any extra virgin olive oil, so I made my own little concoction. Since the Extra virgin olive oil is supposed to condition the brushes (because the soap will dry them out), I decided to replace the oil with hair conditioner. It works just as great and my bristles are as soft as ever.
Also the olive oil helps break down the makeup in your brushes a lot faster and easier. It's all in the science ;)
 The soap (make sure you use anti-bacterial!!) help will kill the nasty bacteria and the conditioner will keep the bristles from drying out and ruining the brushes. So always make sure you have something that will keep the bristles from drying out when washing as well as bacteria-killing.

Some people use baby shampoo. Yes it is gentle, but I feel that the shampoo doesn't kill off all the bacteria on the brush, but to each their own.

How to wash my brushes?
When washing brushes, use lukewarm water. Not hot. Hot will dry out the bristles and cause the glue in the brushes to melt and the ferrule (metal part) can become loose. This can also cause bristle-loss. Try not to get water in or near the ferrule as well, so always point the brush with the bristles facing downward. Be gentle when washing brushes. 

Drying them is pretty simple. Gently squeeze the excess water with a paper towel. I use my Brush Guards but if you don't own those, then you can set them on their side on a paper towel and let air dry. NEVER dry them with the bristles pointing upward. Water will seep down into the ferrule and loosen the glue. Make sure you shape the brushes back into their normal shape so when they dry, they will look just as you bought them.

If you are interested in what Brush Guards are & how they work I'll provide a video to show you.

Well that's it for my post!

Hope you  guys are keeping your brushes clean!

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