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Stila's "In The Garden" Palette

I'm a little late on this blog post because I've been so busy with work and other things, but I finally had some time to post this! I've had this palette since February & I've been loving it ever since.
So here it goes!

First of all. let me say I like the packaging. It's very spring-like. Simple and cute.

I like the fact that it's simple on the outside, and when you open it, you get all these fun different colors. It's like a nice surprise when you open it.

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I love all the earthy tones & pop of colors you get. The name of the palette goes great with these shades. They are all very pigmented and can be easily blended out.

With Flash

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Without flash

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It also comes with a lookbook that gives you ideas on how to use the shades.

I'm going to swatch and name off each color and give it a brief description.

I am light-medium skin tone
All shades are worn with a primer underneath.

First one is "Chinois" It's a beautiful off-white shade that's great for blending and highlighting the brow bone and inner corners. Very creamy looking when swatched. (however it IS a pressed powder!)

Next is "Breeze"
A pretty shimmering beige color that is suitable for all skin tones. It is one of my favorite shades in here because it is so versatile with any other eyeshadow color.

A beautiful shimmery taupe color. I love this color for contouring the crease and lower lash line.It's a nice touch of softness but still has a bit of edge to it. It's basically a a few shades darker than "breeze."

It is a dark blue shadow with violet tones. Probably not one of my favorites, because I have so many of these shades of blue. Also, it seems a little dull & sheer when I apply it. It would be good for a smokey eye, but I don't see myself reaching for it so much as a spring look.

Really beautiful magenta-violet color. I love this pop of color that was added in the palette. I'm sure it represents the beautiful pink flowers in gardens. I think this shade is great when paired with the green shades in this palette for a nice contrast.

Nice matte beige color. Just as pigmented as "Chinois". I think this is a great one for blending as well as a highlight for darker skin tones.
(This one is harder to notice because it matches my skin tone.)

Warm deep gold shade. Another great pop of color that goes with every shade in the palette. This one is really pigmented and stays on the lids pretty well. It looks beautiful across the inner lower lashline.

What a perfect name for a perfect shade. I couldn't describe it more as well a "sage" color. haha. It's a pretty shimmery soft green shade. Pigmented, but soft on the color...if that makes any sense. This is definitely a spring time shade.

Dark olive shade with gold shimmer. This one is a nice earthy tone for a good smokey eye or you can keep it soft for a day time look. Very versatile. This one is very pigmented, so if you want it soft, just go light on the pressure of applying your brush in the shadow.

Dark shimmer forest green. Another not-so one of my favorites in this palette. This one seems a little dull. Pretty color in the palette, but it looks almost like a dark teal color on my lids. This one, as well as "Freesia" can be used for a edgy smokey eye.

 Stila's Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in "Starfish."

Then you have the eyeliner that comes with the palette. I see that lots of people complain that it is not a black shade (like it states on the Sephora site) but it's more of a dark olive green with golden shimmer. It's similar to the "Moss" shade in the palette. What I like about it, is that there's no chunky glitter in it, it's flecks and shimmers of gold making it not look as harsh and easy on the eyes.
It glides on very nicely too.

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Here are the swatches

Without flash 

I think it's a very suitable shade for light skin colors as well as the olive & gold compliments the medium & darker skin tones making this eyeliner suitable for any skin color!

With Flash

Look at the beautiful gold flecks in it!

I also have a video on this palette if you want to go watch it, please click here! Comment, rate & subscribe to my channel if you'd like! Thanks so much for reading my review post!

Love, Ash

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